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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Personal Style : The Classic

There is nothing more refreshing than a flowy white blouse especially on the Spring and Summer.  Jeans and white blouse ? It's a no brainer combo and it's my ultimate favorite get-up. I love this blouse paired with flared jeans. It's such a relaxed look and I feel very comfortable in it as well. This look reminds me of my college days, where majority of the women wears flared jeans. Even until now, inspite of the come back domination of skinny jeans since 2005, i still love the flared jeans trend  and I love to wear them from time to time.

Celebrity Fashion Inspiration :

Zoe Saldana
photo credit via Pinterest

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Sarah said...

Love it! You're totally nailing classic with a twist!


Becca said...

Love this look! So classic yet casual.




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