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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kiddie Corner : My Angels

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child , I was so excited and my happiness is immeasurable. It took us awhile in trying to have a second child , I put myself into the pressure of  Lucas growing up being alone.My husband's family is not big, so basically Lucas is the only grandchild. My side of the family is in the Philippines, so basically Lucas don't get to see them as much. For someone like me, who comes from a big family and did a lot of fun stuff  growing up with my siblings and cousins. It's kind of sad to watch Lucas growing up as an only child. So we decided to have another baby , she didn't came right away as we expect it . I was freaking out , I was worried about the age gap. What if  , they might be too far apart (which they are already) and  they might not get along or they fight a lot ( hopefully not ). It even came to the point, that we are just going to stop trying and  then proceed on my plans on going back to school or go back to work again by the time he will be on full day kindergarten. I guess things happen when you least expect it. I got pregnant around May of 2012. We are so happy and so excited to tell Lucas that he is going to be a big brother. Since he always wanted to have a sibling , he was so excited and so happy when i broke the news to him because now he have somebody to play with aside from mommy and daddy. As I was going through the whole pregnancy thing again, I was always tired , nauseous and moody for the most part. I'm kind of a control freak at times. I was thinking, taking care of Lucas is  pretty handful let alone taking care of two kids.  Although my husband is always there to help me at anytime, there is this part of me that somehow want to do it all. I feel like I can do it better if I could do it myself , so that way if it got messed up I have nobody to blame it to other than myself . To some people, they perceived me as a calm and laid back mom but deep inside, I'm already freaking out and  about to have a nervous breakdown anytime soon. In having kids, it takes a lot to handle emotions and patience. Not to mention, a lot of energy to keep up with them. But no matter how challenging the situation is, I always try remind myself  to take things easy and do one thing at a time. Although sometimes it's really hard , but I always try my best to be the best I can be as person for I believe that setting a good example or being a good role model is the most that you can teach to your kids rather than just telling them what to do. It's not easy to be a parent but it is the most rewarding task , the joy and happiness it brings is immeasurable , it gives you strength that you didn't know it exist in you and most of all it brings out the best in you.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fashion : Overalls

Another 90's trend that is having a major comeback - overalls. If you are a teenager or in your mid-20's , definitely you could pull off wearing overalls. When in your early thirties , like yours truly here. It is quite a bit of a challenge , most specially that  I'm petite and i  really don't want to look like a school grader in it. So when i paired my overalls , i steered away from flats and  went with comfy strappy wedges. That way, it looks  lady like and a bit polished. So what do you guys think ?

overalls : Marshalls
bag : Burberry
top : Jcrew
sandals : Ivanka Trump
hat : Forever 21
bracelet : Target

Inspirations : 

Here are  celebrities that are in their 30's sporting their overalls.

Jessica Alba (33) looking so comfy and chic . I love the pattern mix of the stripe top and polka dots espradilles.

Alexa Chung (31) - how cool is this girl dress herself. What a brilliant mix of accessories , those sunnies and black strappy espradilles is definitely an icing on a cake.

Another look of Alexa Chung and one of my favorite looks . The camel coat worn like a cape is so effortless chic and elegant.

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