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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fashion : Overalls

Another 90's trend that is having a major comeback - overalls. If you are a teenager or in your mid-20's , definitely you could pull off wearing overalls. When in your early thirties , like yours truly here. It is quite a bit of a challenge , most specially that  I'm petite and i  really don't want to look like a school grader in it. So when i paired my overalls , i steered away from flats and  went with comfy strappy wedges. That way, it looks  lady like and a bit polished. So what do you guys think ?

overalls : Marshalls
bag : Burberry
top : Jcrew
sandals : Ivanka Trump
hat : Forever 21
bracelet : Target

Inspirations : 

Here are  celebrities that are in their 30's sporting their overalls.

Jessica Alba (33) looking so comfy and chic . I love the pattern mix of the stripe top and polka dots espradilles.

Alexa Chung (31) - how cool is this girl dress herself. What a brilliant mix of accessories , those sunnies and black strappy espradilles is definitely an icing on a cake.

Another look of Alexa Chung and one of my favorite looks . The camel coat worn like a cape is so effortless chic and elegant.

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ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

such great overalls! :)

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Pooja Mittal said...

I always thought its nit possiable to wear overalls and not look like a school girl but u proved me wrong
Loved the lady like pairing of the overalls
Keep in touch

Jodie said...

These overalls look completely adorable on you! I absolutely love the trend but I'm way too scared to try it out myself.

Jodie Marie
à la Jode.com

Cindi said...

This is no fair. If I tried to pull an outfit like this off I'd most likely look like a Dutch farmer girl. You on the other hand just look laid back fabulous :)



Dressing Up For Me said...

Cute look, April! I love overalls although I´m wary of wearing them because I tend to pee a lot, lol. :)

By the way, the light colored jeans that you´re asking wasn´t tailored and it´s too bad because I got them last season but I think Zara has a nice collection of light colored jeans this season. ;)

Rachel Lynne said...

YOU LOOK SO FABULOUS! I could never pull these off! Work it girl!


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