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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fashion : Full Midi Skirts

top : Express
bag : Tory Burch
skirt : Express
shoes : Guess (old)

I have been obsessing on the full midi skirt trend since it came out last year's Spring season. I just didn't
have to courage to buy it because I wasn't sure if it would suit on me. But every time i  see a fashion icon, street style bloggers, editors and celebrities strutting their full midi skirts. I always adore them in it, it reminds me of  1960's vintage style. I always love the fashion circa of 1960's, it's a very sweet, feminine and classic look. So when I saw this full skirt at Express last Christmas season, I got really excited. I tried it on and I like it. So it went home with me. I wore it once on a friend's birthday party and I paired it with a black lace top,  kind of like an Audrey Hepburn style but unfortunately I don't have a solo picture of it because the weather was really bad and it was so cold outside to take outfit pictures. So today, I wore this  ball skirt again and this time I paired it with a floral crop top from Express as well. So what do you think of this style, do you like the full midi skirt trend as well  ?

My fashion inspiration for today is no other than my all time favorite fashion icon, the stunning and beautiful  Ms. Audrey Hepburn

 I would love to recreate this look, so effortless and chic.

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Thank you so much for reading and Have a great day!



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kiddie Corner : Olivia's Spring Ootd

tutu outfit : Costco
shoes : Gymboree

jean jacket : Oshkosh
dress :  Target
shoes : Converse

dress : GAP
sandals : GAP

Summer weather is definitely here. So me and my princess Olivia is enjoying it while it last. Sometime soon, Lucas's summer vacation will start and he can join in the fashion party as well lol. Good luck to me with that. Anyhow, I'm already thinking of our upcoming agenda for the summer. Top on the list of course will be swimming in the pool. Boy, Lucas and Steve (my hubby) can go swimming in the pool all day ! I  don't know where their energy is coming from. I wish I have that energy. Secondly, Lucas is going to have a lot of play dates for sure and I probably might set-up a garage sale this year too. And hopefully in God's will ,we can go for a vacation this summer, a Disney World getaway would be nice. Lucas's last time being there was when he was still one year old and of couse, he didn't appreciate it much before, as much as he will now, for sure. So, I'm really excited for that and hopefully this plan will go through. Either way, vacation or staycation , I'ts going to be a fun summer.

So what about you, what are your plans for summer?

Thank you so much for reading and Have a great day !


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Personal Style : The Classic

There is nothing more refreshing than a flowy white blouse especially on the Spring and Summer.  Jeans and white blouse ? It's a no brainer combo and it's my ultimate favorite get-up. I love this blouse paired with flared jeans. It's such a relaxed look and I feel very comfortable in it as well. This look reminds me of my college days, where majority of the women wears flared jeans. Even until now, inspite of the come back domination of skinny jeans since 2005, i still love the flared jeans trend  and I love to wear them from time to time.

Celebrity Fashion Inspiration :

Zoe Saldana
photo credit via Pinterest

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Personal Style : The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit : Rachel Roy
bag : Tory Burch
shoes : BCBG
For a petite woman like me, I never would have thought that I would be wearing a jumpsuit especially the ones that are tapered and cinched in at the bottom like the ones  I'm wearing here. I love the jumpsuit trend,  but was doubtful if it suits on me. So I got really excited when I tried this jumpsuit on because it fits like a glove and  what I love about it too, is that it has sleeves that you could roll up to make it three quarters or just simply leave it as long sleeves. But I rather have it rolled-up. It's more casual and easy going that way.I also love the prints, the pocket and zipper details too. I always adore Rachel Roy's designs, it never fails me, they are chic ,contemporary and comfy. Just about what every woman want in a clothing.

Here are my celebrity inspirations for this look :

Zoe,Rosie and Jessica credit photos : via Pinterest

Thank you so much for reading and Have a great day!


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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fashion: Manscaping

 Just for today, I want to take you ladies on a different route on this blog post. It's all about men this time, oh how we  love and adore them. Yet also, we  want them to look good all the time! There is nothing more exciting , if we see the man of our life putting an effort on themselves too. Enter, "Manscaping" .

What do you like? The rough and rugged manly man, with a full beard, the bad boy, with his 5-o’clock shadow, or men with a wall-street exec look with the face totally smooth and shaven? Do women like their man to have a pedicure and manicure, with their chest and eyebrows waxed? Or is that too much? Where do Manly and Metrosexual meet? What’s acceptable and what should be avoided? Today, I gathered up some inspirations of a Man-scaped look.

What's Hot ?

Well fitted tailored suits , slim pants with a clean cut hair. A little beard or mustache is 
no big deal if your hair is properly polished but in my personal opinion, I like my guy that is smooth and shaven. It looks more neat that way.

The casual and smart look. Perfect for a weekend date get-up. 

Effortlessly stylish even running errands, just like how David Beckham styled it here

So what if you don't have a tie or you forgot to wear one when you're running late on meetings and such. If  you layered your look just like this,you are good to go. 

The haircut 

all photo credits: via Pinterest

For a little style tip : I attached a little information about neckties and what are the different knots that you can do with them.

For a bigger picture go HERE

photo via Pinterest

So what about you ladies , what's your ideal ? The bad boy rugged look or 
the smooth and shaven exec look ? 

Thank you so much for reading and Have a great day !


* This is an inspired  post  from  Man Crates  - delivers awesome and bragworthy gifts for guys. Gifts that you can't wait to arrive because you know the recipient will love opening them.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fashion : Summer Bloom


 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Summer is just around the corner and I bet most of us can't wait. I mean, me personally I rather be hot than cold  but although Michigan is not a warm state, I love Michigan ! I do love the four seasons, I love the changing of colors of the leaves and the I like to play with the snow ( uhmm just for a few minutes though ). I also like layering of clothes,they're fun and  also wearing boots is  so fashionable. If I have to write down everything that I love in this state. It would be like a novel. I will spare you from that. Those are just one of the many few things that makes me attached in this state.However,today is kind of gloomy , so  I thought I would  write and make an inspirational board that would reflect summer . Imagine yourself  in a warm tropical weather wearing a nice maxi dress paired with pastel colored accessories with tropical garden accents. The look, Summer Tres Chic.

So what do you guys think, of this look , what is going to be your Summer Look ?

Thank you so much for reading and Have a great day !


Monday, May 5, 2014

Personal Style : Buttondowns and Jeans

One of my all time favorite outfit is buttondown shirts paired with jeans. You can never go wrong with this pairings and they've been around since forever. At times I feel adventurous and try to dress up differently, but in an ordinary daily basis ( obvs, except when I'm at home in my sweatpants ) the buttondown and jeans combo is my uniform.Maybe because I'm a mom with two little kids , I tend to embrace more on comfort and basics nowadays. It always boils down to what makes me feel at ease.

 In the picture from afar, it looks like I'm just wearing a  solid plain shirt. But when you take a closer look like here, it is color mint with pinstripes design on it.

I love this canvas tote bag from GAP, it so easy going, casual and I also like that it blends well with my mint shirt.

So what do you think of this look ?

mint shirt : Target
canvas tote bag :  GAP
floral denim : Lauren Conrad (Kohls)
heels : Express

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!


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