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About Me

Hello there ! My name is April , I'm a wife of  my one true love Steve and a mom of two precious kids Lucas and Olivia. Welcome to Sweet Escape .Its  a blog about family, fashion, beauty, life  happenings, dreams and passions.

 Now you might be wondering why I named this blog Sweet Escape. I'm a stay at home mom and like all moms are, I'm constantly busy  and I feel like I need an outlet, a little escape from all these mommy duties.
Ever since I was a little girl I always have a love for fashion, make-up,skincare routine and baking. A total girly girl. I'm also a self confessed nerd. In college I went to dental school in the Philippines, I met my husband along the way then we got married, got a job as a dental assistant for little while,  got pregnant and now raising our two adorable kids. As for now, while they are still little and growing up, I want to focus more of my attention to them and set aside my career and just wait to continue on what I left off. Being a full time mom is the most rewarding thing that happened to me, although it could be exhausting and challenging at times. I wouldn't trade it for anything.  So for now, enjoy a dash of fashion , a pinch of beauty and a slice of life happenings.

Thank you so much and stay awhile.

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